There are many reasons why people might prefer a horticultural adviser. Some gardens employ gardeners to maintain the garden itself but need access to more specialist knowledge, while some gardeners need help with specific issues or to provide input on the development of their garden

Depending on your needs I can provide everything from a one-off visit to a more frequent service, and from informal verbal sessions through to specially written reports. Using my own knowledge and experience, as well as having access to suppliers and information, I can advise on the best courses of action to save you time and money while making sure that your garden thrives. I specialise mainly in ornamental plants- trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs etc.- although I can also advise on the cultivation of edible plants. I will also, wherever possible, help in the identification of plants in a garden, although some plants may require extensive research to give an accurate name. With 10 years in one of Cornwall’s most prominent specialist nurseries, as well as growing rare and unusual plants at home, I have developed a fairly extensive plant knowledge!

The pricing of my advisory service depends on your requirements (such as how many visits you need, if extensive research is needed etc.), but I will happily discuss this with you.