For some people gardening is one of life’s great pleasures. Creating and maintaining a garden brings gardeners into contact with the natural world and can be extremely therapeutic. While some people really enjoy gardening others find it challenging to fit into a busy schedule, difficult for health reasons, or even sometimes find it all a bit of a mystery!

I’ve worked in horticulture for over 15 years, starting off with a weekend and holiday job when I was still in school before persuing a career in retail horticulture, working as a plant expert for a garden centre and then latterly a nursery in Cornwall. Based near Tavistock in Devon I offer a range of horticultural services; for those needing occasional or regular garden maintenance I offer a general gardening service, while those who only need access to specialist horticultural knowledge choose my advice and consultancy service.

I really love plants and gardening! My own gardening experience, as well as experience growing plants for a prominent Cornish nursery for over 10 years, has given me a great understanding of how to get the best from plants in a garden. From mowing the lawn to pruning and training, from identifying plants to suggesting new plants to grow, and from weeding to redeveloping, I’m proud to do a job I love (even when it’s raining!).

There’s more information about my services on the pages of this website. If you’d like to know more about rare and unusual plants please visit Ben’s Botanics (and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram ).